101 in 1001

So… here’s the stitch. I was on this lovely girls blog http://yelenabosovik.com/ when I discovered she had a page titled 101 in 1001. Taking a look, I noticed that she had made a list of about 101 things that she wanted to accomplish within a certain amount of time. So I figured…. why not try as well?

I would just like to note that most of these I got from others 🙂

  1. Read the entire Bible in one year.
  2. Send a letter to a foreign country.
  3. Move into my own place (finally)
  4. Graduate college
  5. Go on a road trip.
  6. Lollapalloza, or some other music festival
  7. Buy myself a new computer
  8. Read the complete Harry Potter series once again
  9. Go kayaking
  10. Go through my closet and pick out what I wear and don’t wear. Put all my hangers one way and when I wear something put the hanger another way!
  11. Dance in the rain with my best friends
  12. Watch the stars all night
  13. Play my violin in a public place
  14. Visit one of my childhood teachers once again
  15. Have a fabulous shoe closet
  16. Attend an academic conference
  17. Obtain my passport
  18. Get my hair highlighted
  19. Run a three miler, proving my parents wrong
  20. Write a letter to my future and younger self
  21. Learn how to actually cook
  22. Karaoke
  23. Throw a toast to someone
  24. Host a dinner
  25. Visit three separate, never been before, ballparks
  26. Inspire someone to do what they have dreamed
  27. Mumford and Sons concert
  28. Pray for my future husband every day for a month
  29. Volunteer!
  30. Learn how to sew and make something from it!
  31. Budget my money
  32. Pass the PRAXIS with flying colors
  33. Donate to a charity of my choice
  34. Blog daily
  35. Go on a date
  36. Read twenty new books a write a short review on my blog about each
  37. Play baseball
  38. Find the “Ashley” scent
  39. Let go of those who aren’t there anymore
  40. Make an inspiration wall in my room
  41. Get rid of blemishes aka acne L
  42. Become well respected with some professors.
  43. Nashville
  44. Learn how to play guitar
  45. Photograph the perfect sunset
  46. Attend mass daily for one whole month
  47. Give up carbonated beverages for one whole month
  48. Prank someone with nerf guns
  49. Drive in movie
  50. Make 10 DIY things from Pinterest
  51. Plant a daisy garden
  52. Unplug from anything for a weekend and visit nature
  53. Put 10 dollars in a new account for every time I complete an item off this list
  54. Throw a surprise party and not accidentally tell the person
  55. Be a bridesmaid for a wedding
  56. Go on a picnic
  57. Write a message in a bottle
  58. Get a pumpkin from a patch and have a carving party
  59. Write a letter to my future husband
  60. Jump off a cliff into water, safely
  61. Go skiing
  62. Have a fabulous 21st birthday
  63. Perform ten random acts of kindness to total strangers
  64. Change someone’s style at my work, for the best
  65. Pay for the person after me’s coffee
  66. Write a “I’m thankful” for journal and update weekly
  67. Eat a whole tub of cookie dough and watch Movies
  68. Get a mani/pedi
  69. Go to a place recognized on Diners, Drives, and Din IN
  70. March for Life
  71. Be on the board of a committee at school
  72. Do weekly Zumba for two months
  73. Write a soundtrack to my life
  74. Be on the jumbotron at a sporting event
  75. Take a photography class
  76. Paint something memorable
  77. Go a month without hot chocolate
  78. Chalk art
  79. See a midnight premiere of a movie, Catching Fire
  80. Tobogganing
  81. Watch the sunrise on the beach
  82. Tie dye shirts
  83. Drink just water for a whole week
  84. Bike ride through the metroparks
  85. Print out my Instagram photos in a book
  86. Help build a home with habitat for humanity
  87. Learn how to make my favorite potatoes and cook them for friends
  88. Make the President’s List
  89. Go out dancing
  90. Make my own facial mask and successfully have it work
  91. Be organized for more than one week
  92. Swim in the Ocean
  93. See someone famous
  94. Get a map, throw a pushpin at it , and go wherever it lands
  95. See a show on Broadway
  96. Send Taylor Swift fan mail until she writes back
  97. Open a 401K
  98. Write a letter to my future children
  99. Make a music video
  100. Make ice cream
  101. Make a list of 101 things once again

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