Picking out the Right Bible

I never really owned my own Bible. I mean, yes, I heard versions passed down to me from family to family but not one that I could say “this is mine. Here are the verses that mean a lot to me.” So, before I start on my journey with God I have decided to go out and purchase my own Bible. I feel like this way will allow me to mark it up and truly understand his word. I am very new to picking out his word so is there a specific version I should purchase? 


3 thoughts on “Picking out the Right Bible

  1. hey there – great thing to do – my current bible is falling apart from so much underlining and taking it places and i love how it becomes personal once you really get into it and write stuff that is meaningful to you and highlight the passages that affect you deeply and so on – i use an NIV [New International Version] which is meant to be a decent translation [which is the main thing you want – good translation and you can ask uncle google to find a comparison of which ones are better] – apparently New American Standard and New English Standard i think they are called are both pretty decent and people enjoy the language in those – The Message is fun but it’s a paraphrase so not always AS accurate and good to use alongside a better translation… hope that helps… i do some going through the bible stuff on my blog [http://brettfish.wordpress.com/bible] if you’re looking for some help to get going… all the best!

    • I purchased yesterday the New International Version as well! I hope to strengthen my relationship with Christ as I am reading more of God’s work.. I will definitely follow along with your blog. God bless

      • a helpful site i used to use is called commonprayer.net – different prayer and quotes and scripture every day if you are looking for something to follow along with – i felt it helpful knowing thousands of other followers of Jesus are reading and praying the same stuff at the same time…

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