Keeping Holy the Sabbath Day

Going to church, it’s something every Christian should do weekly. It’s an hour of one’s time that you give to God and pray. Let everything go for a few hours or so, even, and just let the Lord listen to everything that you have going on in your life. 

Now a few days ago I had a discussion with a friend of mine. This friend has this “dream” that I will get together with him soon. Like, he keeps asking me to go out to dinner and things like that but I have been telling him that I would like to strengthen my relationship with God before I begin another relationship. And this guy was like “no, I am very close to God as well go out with me.” HE DOESN’T GO TO CHURCH AND DOESN’T BELIEVE IN PRAYING. Like, come on! Yes, you may be close to God but church is also an important part of the faith. I mean, HELLO! It is a commandment. And let me tell you, follow those. 

So here’s my drift: Go to church and try to pay attention. Listen to the Gospel and not just go through the motions with the pastor. Actually give up some time to Christ and pray about everything. God won’t judge you, he already knows what is happening in your life. So go on, what are you waiting for? 

Today is Sunday. Let’s hope you went today.



7 thoughts on “Keeping Holy the Sabbath Day

  1. hey there – sounds like you’re making wise decisions with this guy – you want someone in your life that is going to draw you closer to God and someone you can journey alongside in terms of loving God and loving people…

    in terms of your comments about church i would encourage you to think a bit deeper and read the bible a bit around that topic because while we have gotten into the tradition of understanding church as the place we go to on a sunday or that meeting we attend, if we understand the bible it is actually the people of God, the body of Christ, who is the church and so we don’t go to church but we as the church get together and hang out [to pray and be still and hear the word and encourage each other] and so while it happens well on a sunday you can also do and be church with a bunch of mates having a bible study in a coffee shop or a small group meeting in a home – church is a lot broader than many of us think because it really is just God’s people getting together to do God’s stuff…

    but ja, someone who doesn’t believe in praying may not be following the same God you are as Jesus taught us how to pray and spent a lot of time doing that…

    • Thank you for your comment! After reading what you have to say about the church being who we are, the general public through a meeting, really brings an eye opener to a lot of experiences with my friends who are also practicing Catholics!

  2. By yielding to the Spirit, He will lead you the way that you should go. Seek with all your heart and you will find His will for you. God bless you.

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