Being God’s People

I began reading my Bible today with Matthew 1 and Genesis 1-3. Here are a few verses that stuck out to me :

She was pregnant with the power of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 1:18 Mary was moved with the Holy Spirit as she was carrying Jesus. I think that maybe we, as humans, should act like we are carrying a Holy one within us and see how actions correlate. Will you act better knowing this?

God put all these stars to shine on earth Genesis 1:17 I’ve always heard a saying about how our loved ones are watching over us, they are the stars. God made these stars as twinkling lights looking down and making sure we are okay. I think this will help me think sometimes as I am out late at night with friends. Those stars are making sure that I get home safely.

In the image of God he made them Genesis 1:27 Basically, we are supposed to carry out God’s works and wants. Pray and he will lead you there.

THE WHOLE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE!  I see this as temptation. God is putting something that we really want but shouldn’t have in front of us. If you were in Eve’s situation, what would you have done? Tough choice for all but if we know what is best for us and God’s intentions we should stay away from those temptations.


Thoughts, comments, suggestions? Please leave them!!



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