Do good in everything

This week has been crazy for me. Working, seeing old friends, and praising the Lord has kept me on my toes. Here are my thoughts for the week…..

You go to me and I purge your sins. God is asking all his followers to come to him, prayer?, to ask for forgiveness from their wrongdoings. I also saw this line as a spark for one to do all holy actions and praise the Lord not just in church but everywhere.

Troubled but light will shine down God will help Isiah. Genesis 9 1-2 Yesyou may be troubled and looked down on now but God is listening to your prayers and will strengthen you

This week I read the story regarding Noah and how he built his ark. RAINBOWS. Whenever I see a rainbow now, I will be sure to remember God’s promise that he will not let us drown in our troubles and will have faith with us. 

Question: Why does the Bible have a lot of family history? That is one thing I never fully grasped and would LOVE an explanation of 🙂


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