Long time no See?

Sorry all! I know I haven’t been active in quite some time and I am here to say that I’m here now. Hmm where to start…

I changed my blog to a focus on my trials through life kinda the same as before but more of my insights? Blah, who am I kidding it’s totes the same!

I’m basically struggling with some issues in my life right now! But I’ve accomplished some things!

007Capturing a beautiful sunset. CHECK! I love baseball and my Indians are my home team. Yeah they lost to Tampa Bay but there is always next year!!!!!

I”m doing really well in school this semester. God definitely is on my side thanks everyone for all your prayers and would appreciate if they were coming as always 🙂

024and I messed around in zebra footie pajamas yeah, i’m that awesome. no but seriously they are pretty comfortable~

076now if only my long hair would grow back!!!

What has everyone been up to?


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