Pushing Boundaries

Everyone has there limits, places that they refuse to go to just because they aren’t comfortable. For me, that would be public speaking. I rarely open myself up to people unless I truly know them. It probably traces back to being judged by my parents for every little thing that came out of my mouth. Wasn’t really allowed to be myself until a few people came into my life and really then was I Ashley.

Anyways, I am apart of the Newman Campus Ministry at my college. We have literally less than ten members in our group and yet we don’t take new measures to attract new people. This just drove me up the wall yesterday when I tried suggesting new things to attract people and our leader really was just talking across the room NOT EVEN LOOKING AT ME. Um, come on I am a part of the student body and want to bring our brothers and sisters together, gosh. So I spoke up basically the whole meeting was myself writing in my planner dates and making decisions. As you may have guessed, not Ashley.

I transferred from Cleveland State with the sureness that it would be better for myself. Before this semester (and even into it) I have taken a regret into my transfer move. Was it really the best thing for me? However; God must have a plan for me in the environment that he has placed me in. Right now, my faith is telling me to change the group and bring the best out of it! Maybe that was my reason for transferring for this time now in God’s plan.

If you could please pray for strength in numbers for my group, that would be great.

Keep dancing through Wednesday.



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