Silver Linings

WE HAVE SEEN SNOW. It’s October this should not be happening! Psh, snow should not happen ever. Thunder I hear, yes. Snow, no.

But still, there are positives to recognize about this gloomy afternoon. My professor is letting me redo my paper because he is very picky. But I thank him for being that way as he is really trying to get me to improve my teaching strategies. Yes, when I got the assignment back I was like “Are you kidding me? I worked forever on this” but afterwards, I think of it as a beautiful opportunity to really evaluate myself. This paper was an educational rationale, basically changing everything put in place by the government, for the better.

My morning class was canceled so I got a bunch of work done that I needed to as well. See, it’s all about looking at the positives of things, at least that’s what I tell myself. Discovering Indie music, sharing it with my friends. Laughing a ton and learning from mistakes. But always thanking God for everything he has given me.

True, I have made a lot of mistakes in my past. I’ve been a very aggressive person and blamed others when I should have taken the blame. However; I have learned from this and am ready to grow up. Time to live my twenties and push personal boundaries. Time to teach and inspire my students. Time to prove to my friends that I’m worth their friendship. As I’ve said before, I love my friends to death and pray for them nightly. Hope they’re having wonderful days of peppiness.

Keep dancing



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