A few thoughts…

I am currently on a reading plan where we are diving deeper into the book of James. James fully criticizes the use of any type of gossip. I tend to do this with road rage “why didn’t you use a turn signal” or when I complain about a task my parents have asked me to do. But after I read this passage I proposed a few things to myself:

– Why am I criticizing? Is it because I want to harm another? That just makes everything in vain. No, God wanted us to all love one another!

Now, I will pray about my thoughts when approaching someone about anything at all. God please give me the courage and fill me with your Holy Spirit in order to do what is right in this situation. Yes, I may not get along with my parents but does that give me  a reason to say nasty things to them? Of course not, God put them in my life to teach me lessons and for myself to show love unconditionally. Now, it is my turn to actually enact that!

“Let ye speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.”


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