Money Money Money

I am at most ashamed sometimes of the wealth that I have. The fact that I am just a twenty year old yet used to have ten grand to my name yet didn’t help anyone when I had that money is appalling. God gave us this wealth to help those who were most needy. Yes, my parents had this money saved away to help myself with college and future endeavors but at the same time, would it hurt to give back to those most needy? Of course not! Now, I have depleted funds, college cannot pay for itself, so I have a lot more to be thankful for. For example, I am thankful when I give change to the needy because I am thankful when a friend is able to cook myself dinner. Or when my mom buys myself lunch foods so I don’t have to go out and buy lunch that day. Yet, there are those that are worse than I and the Lord today is asking me to always remember those and give back whenever I can. This holiday season at my work, we are giving back to St. Jude’s Hospital. Therefore; I have chosen to give most of my paychecks to that charity. That money, hey I don’t need it I have everything I need right here in my heart.

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