Ya know, every once in a while we have that breaking moment. That time when we ask ourselves… is this really worth it? Am I being myself? Is this what God wants of me? Well, obviously hopefully God is wanting this of you if you are filled with the Holy Spirit. Today, ahem, this weekend was a bit of a blurred mess. I started my full time basically job at Starbucks. yay! However; it comes with juggling my second job at the Loft. totes want to quit it but at the same time it’s like teaching me work ethic. God wants me to learn how to bounce and trade schedules. and make new friends at the same time! It’s always that positive mentality. I think I grew that becoming a college student. It wasn’t always the ick I am failing its a what can I do better next time. God show me the way to positive. 

This week ahead will be a busy one. But let’s make it a good one , shall we?


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