Fresh Starts

I haven’t posted anything for a while…. perhaps because I was dealing with personal issues that I thought I could handle all by myself, without the grace of God. 

Many people probably don’t know this, but I do not consider myself to be a spot- on perfect Christian. The last few months I decided to skip mass a ton and just do whatever pleased MYSELF not what the Lord would want from me. I drank when I wasn’t even legal yet and talked a lot of blacklash to my family. I let a friendship go to the extremes and basically lost it. 

But, this isn’t the beginning of myself letting go of what I truly want in the world: which is a closer relationship with God. No, I don’t want to keep falling back on my misery and pain and giving up on what truly should be the centerpiece of my life. 

So for Lent, everyone always freaks out because they are like “omgee, what should I give up this year!” I don’t know, this always seemed so trivial to myself. Like come on, focus on what really matters in your life and don’t worry about the little things! This Lenten season, I chose to focus more on myself, as a whole, and the relationship I can build with Christ.

And ya know what, I am a truly happy person again! Letting Him into my life again, not worrying about tomorrow or even the next hour, that’s something truly beautiful now. I feel like I have just blossomed within the past few weeks, just by the newly formed relationship. 



One thought on “Fresh Starts

  1. Here’s a * BIG hug!! *, and I just wanted to say that your relationship with God does not need to start in stress. He will be there for you at anytime or place. That is what is so awesome about His love and grace. Your Lent resolution sounds like a really good!

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