Messy Hands, Running Children

I am a methods student. Basically, this means I am in a classroom with a set amount of hours to get in and a bunch of lessons to teach. Luckily, I was placed in a kindergarten classroom in inner-city Cleveland, I’ve had experience with inner-city children before. Heck, I thought I had this down with a blink of an eye. But boy oh boy was I wrong.

My teacher has about 33 students in her classroom. Some have never been to preschool before. Others have just entered the classroom this past month WITHOUT ANY PREVIOUS CLASSROOM TIME. That’s right folks, these students have not yet learned their whole alphabet yet are placed in kindergarten almost at the end of the year! How, I wonder, do these parents expect their children to pass onto first grade now? 

Here I am, up to my arms in children’s incessant voices, trying to calm down the student whose crayons just got stolen from their desk partner. Trying to get students to stop jumping up and down the walls, swearing at one another. All this time, I”m thinking man oh man what am I getting myself into? Is this really for me?

Then God steps into this negative thoughts and tells me that I can do this. Do you ever have a moment when you’re down for the count, ready to give up? I definitely have had some of these times lately, and man can they be just ick. But God is there and I know this because I always pick myself right back up. 



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