Let it Go

Recently, I became apart of the She Reads Truth community! Throughout this Lenten season as sisters we have chosen to reflect together on a Bible passage every Friday. This weeks selection is Jonah: Chapters One and Two. 


The book of Jonah is one of those that most children remember. Think back to when you were a little child and you mainly will remember how you always thought it was about a fish. Well, here I am telling you that there is way more to the story!

The story begins with God telling Jonah to go to the city of Ninevah and speak the word of the Lord. Jonah refuses to obey the Lord though and chooses to go on a ship to another city. On the boat, comes a huge storm and Jonah is the cause, oh no! Jonah then sacrifices his life to save those who were not as guilty. 

Reflecting back on this, I have come to relate it to my own life. I see that God has brought a lot of tumult to my life lately. Numerous fights with my parents and trying to break the system that I was living in. Then, a few weeks ago I chose to listen to him and just let go of my past. Those that were in my life just weren’t meant to be in that place anymore. I just let it go and ya know what, I begin to bring the Lord back into my life again. I feel that I have never been happier with what I have chosen to take into my life and seem more open with my parents. We haven’t fought in about two weeks and it’s pretty magical.

Just like Jonah, I was able to bring the Lord back into my life. It’s a spectacular thing! 


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