My Story


My names Ashley and I have been with Christ basically my whole life. Right now though is though is the point where my journey with him will really begin as I am accelerating my faith. I am striving to teach younger children as I am working towards getting my Bachelor’s in Education.


The Scoop…..

I hit a rough patch during my nineteen years of age where I had basically given up on life. Then I rediscovered the inner workings of my Catholic faith and realized that God is here for me.

I have a close group of friends that I like to call my “second family.” These people are helping me strengthen my perspective on life by giving me insight on how God is working in everyone. So, basically I am surrounded by my faith wherever I go which is truly beautiful.

I believe in honesty and I expect everyone to live up to it, the fasicination of discovering a new band, playing tennis til my muscles ache, making up random songs on my violin, living each day, as well as not sleeping. Hey, we can sleep when we are older 😀

I would love to have the chance to personally thank everyone for visiting my blog. Really, it’s truly amazing such a world we have that people can be connected! Go ahead and introduce yourself. I’d love to know who’s reading 🙂

-Ashley Rice


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